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Trekking to Meenmutti falls from Aralam

Meenmutti falls forms the heart of the Aralam. The trekking to Meenmutti forms the most exciting part of the Aralam trip. The four hours long trekking offers the exotic beauty of the rain forests with the presence of a variety of endemic species of birds and butterflies along with the pure air and water.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog about Aralam, Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over an area of 55sq km. Located in the western Ghats region of the Kannur district, Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary have the typical topography of the Western Ghats, which consists of hills and slopes.

Therefore on the way to Meenmutti falls at Aralam, what you could experience is the same typical Western Ghats topography, mentioned above! This region is known to be having the very same flora and fauna of the Western Ghats.

This includes evergreen, semi evergreen and tropical forests, Elephant, gaur, sambar, spotted deer, barking deer, Nilgirilangur, Hanuman langur, Malabar giant squirrel, etc.

The remaining part of the Aralam wildlife Sanctuary  lies in the state of Karnataka, where it is called Bhrahmagiri sanctuary.

Different endemic and exotic species of birds can be found here in Aralam. Over 188 types of bird species are found here. This includes, Great Pied Hornbill, Malabar Grey Hornbill, the Blue Winged Parakeet, Ceylon Frogmouth, Broad Billed Roller and Nilgiri Wood Pigeon etc.


The trekking through the evergreen forest at Kurukkathodu will be an ever memorable experience.

Over 144 species of butterflies can be found here.

With the large number of butterfly species in the region, you could spot them easily during the trekking.

At Pattamplavu, you could find a watch tower. It is having length of 35 m, long enough to offer enchanting views of Brahmagiri hills, CheenkanniPuzha and the surrounding forests of Aralam.


And then, a few more to the forward direction offers you the scintillating and breath taking view of the Meenmutti falls. The view of the water cascading from the high altitude, with the ambiance of the nature is an exceptional feel. The cool breeze engulfs you with the purest form of air.


Reaching Aralam:

You could find details about reaching Aralam on our previous blog.

Nearest railway station: Thalassery, about 55 km away

Nearest airport: Karipur International Airport, about 96 km away from Thalassery town

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