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Pythalmala Hill Station Kannur

Pythalmala is a hill station located in the Kannur district of Kerala. It gains its importance as the only well-known Hill station in Kannur. Since Kannur District is more known for its scenic beaches and tranquil backwaters; which attracts more tourists, the hilly areas of Kannur fails to draw much attention.

“Kannur district is blessed to have almost all of the main tourist attractions in Kerala right from the beaches to backwaters and to the high ranges.” (Read more)

Pythal mala falls in that part of Kannur, marked by the Western Ghats. It thus forms the border with the Nearby Karnataka State. It is located about 65 Kilometers from the North East Kannur.

The most distinguishing factor of Pythalmala is the 6 Km trek to the top, which is located at a height of 1300 m above sea level. Since this 6km long trek restricts families visiting Pythalmala, this makes it more popular among young visitors and trekkers.

Thus the trekking becomes an auspicious memory for those who do.

It is said that the wild elephants are occasionally spotted here and there in this area. This will be the only challenge faced by a trekker. Apart from this, the trek is neither adventurous nor highly strenuous.

Monsoon time is considered as the ideal time to visit Pythalmala. During this time, the hill turns green and the whole place will get filled with mist. Even though the presence of leaches and the low visibility due to the mist and fog can be an adversity here, the engulfing fresh air and the serenity of the nature at its best with wild flowers, birds and butterflies makes it an auspicious memory.

The greenery dries down with the advent of summer. This turns the hills into red. However the excellent views from the top remains the same year round as the surrounding ranges and Kodagu forests remain evergreen.


Here are some quick facts:

  • Mornings are considered as the ideal time for trekking.
  • If you plan a quick trek to the top with an immediate return, it will only take 3 hours.
  • You need to carry sufficient food and water as there will be no restaurants nearby.


It is located on the travel map such a way that it provides accessibility to the Calicut International Airport; which is almost 160 kms away, attracting both domestic as well as international travelers. It is also located between the Kannur and Payyannur railway station, both at a distance of 65 and 60 kilometers respectively.  Among the nearest towns; Payyavoor, located 16 kms away serves the local mobility hub; as it have a bus station and Taxi station. Other towns in the area are Kudiyanmala located at 6 kms away and Sreekandapuram located almost 19 kms away.


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