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Martial arts kannur

kalari payattu Martial arts kannur

kalaripayattu martial arts and treatment

Martial arts kannur

Kalari is the Oldest existing martial arts in the WORLD and it is belived to be mother of all martial arts.. Kalari is Traced to be 3000 Years  Kalari was Documented during the 13th & 14th Century AD. Kalaripayattu is derived from the words Kalari – which means “Llace, threshing floor, or Battlefield”, & Payyattu means to “Exercise in Arms or Practice”. The Buddhist Monk Daruma Bodhidarma is a Kalari Master by himself post he travelled o China he thought Kalari to his students which was spread across Korea & Japan.

Martial arts kannur

The Roots of Kalari is from Kerala a Kalari is Drawn & Inspired form the Raw power, Majestic strength & fighting techniques of Animals like Lion, Tiger, Wild Bore, Elephant, Horse Cat, Snake, Cock, & Peacock.

Kalari training Specializes in “Marma”, the Art of ACTIVATING 107 Energy Points in Human Body. The Marma training Concentrates in Generating the Energy Flow in Human Body which benefits an Practitioner be a WARRIOR & a Self Healer which in-turn Helps other with his Healing Powers & Teaching.

kalaripayattu martial arts training and treatments in kannur

Martial arts kannur-Kalari training assists is an Individual with SOUND Body & Mind. Kalari helps one in attaining Strength, Stamina, & A Flexible Body. Kalari training are divided into 3 parts, they are named as Meythari, Kolthari, & Ankathari.

Meytharitr training consist of A SET of BODY EXERCISE which helps one gain Control, Stamina & Balance to over come difficult Situations with Courage.

Kolthari is training oneself from Attacks & Fight back with Weapon {Wooden Stick of 6 feet} One among them is “Ottakol” designed with special Curves on a wooden stick to attack the enemy on the Vital part on body.

Ankathari training is based on Metal weapon training. Weapons like Dagger, Axe, Forward Curved Sword, Spear, Shield, Sword, Towle, Long Strip Cloth, Flexible Sword, Urumi are used to fight against enemy.

Kalari Treatments and massages around chera rocks beach house

Martial arts kannur

There are 3 types of Kalari Massages those are Sukha Thirummu, Katcha Thirummu, & Raksha Thirummu.

  • Sukha Thirummu is a kind of massage wherein one will get Relieved form Body Aches & Muscular pains which in turn helps an Individual rejuvenate & gain Physical relaxation.
  • Katcha Thirummu message which increases individuals body flexibility. This message is combined with different Yoga postures.
  • Raksha Thirummu isa Healing message which requires Special messaging techniques. Its different from other messages as the number of Strokes, force, speed & herbals oils used in message system are different.

Fighting Techniques Empty Hand

Martial arts kannur

An individual will be Trained to fight with Bare hands without using any weapons which is called as Verum Kai Prayogam. One is tuned to fight with various techniques of Body, Hand & Leg Grips, Locks, combined with Elbows & Knuckles which are directed to enemys’ Marmas {Vital points of Human body}which will help to Disable enemy completely.

One of the Kalari Training Center is located just 3km distanced from Chera Rock Beach House. Based on our Guests’ need we take them to the training center, where one can watch Kalari in live. This training center also provides various Health Treatments which one can Opt post consultation.

These days unfortunately Kalari has become a Dying Art due to LACK of Awareness. Kalari existence are in the hands of Current & Upcoming Generations.

Lets Promote Kalari!!

Martial arts kannur



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