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DHARMADAM ISLAND – the pristine neighborhood!

Dharmadam Island is a pristine scenic island located in the Kannur district of Kerala. The presence of wild bushes and coconut palms makes it a lush green island. It is a perfect secluded getaway spot.

The Dharmadam island is a small island spreading at an area of 5 acres of land. It is located near to Thalasseri and is just 100 metres away from Dharmadam mainland. This makes it possible for the visitors to walk to the island from the mainland during low tide. Since the ocean recedes during a low-tide time, water will remain only up to the knee-level. This makes the walk to the island an auspicious one.

It is advised that one should enquire to the local residents about the tides as they know the timings better. Also one must return back to the mainland before the tides get stronger.

You can also board a boat from the south end of Moidu bridge on the Kannur – Thalassery highway to reach Dharmadam island.

The island is believed to be formed as a result of lateritic rock projection between two arms of Anjarakkandy river and the Arabian sea. Even though you can find a well, marking the human presence; the island remains uninhabited. Dharmadam island was once privately owned. In 1998, the government of Kerala took over the island, realizing the tourism potential of this magnificent place.

The flora and fauna of the island consists of medicinal plants and some interesting plant species. Presence of lush bushes makes it a green island. Coconut trees are also present.

Dharmadam island is located majestically on the travel map such that it finds its itself between Kannur and Thalasseri towns. Thalasseri town, which is just 4 kilometers away, is visible from the island.


Muzhuppilangad – Dharmadam coastal belt.

Muzhappilangad- one of the best drive in beaches in India and the only one of its kind in Kerala; is located about 200 metres away from Dharmadam island. It is in the very same Dharmadam – Muzhappilangad coastal belt; Chera rocks is located. If you wish, you can read more about cherarocks here.

It is one of the best secluded beach resorts in India. With its location on the Dharmadam – Muzhappilangad coastal belt, it adds a new dimension to the tourism industry. One could enjoy his/her private holidays on the secluded Dharmadam Island and can have the fun of driving through muzhappilangad beach and finally spent some quality time in this secluded beach resort. Unlike a normal beach resort, which remains crowded throughout the year; a secluded beach resort offers many facilities. As I mentioned in an early post, cherarocks offer a variety of dishes with an added provision for candle light dinner.

Dharmadam-Muzhappilangad coastal belt is gaining popularity day by day for the scenic beaches, the green island and the uncommon drive-in facility. From the early 90’s itself, Muzhappilangad-Dharmadam coastal belt has been a point of interest for the foreign travelers.


How to reach

  • Now Dharmadam have a railway station, which adds to the convenience of reaching this magnificent place.
  • Private buses from Kannur and Thalasseri stops at Dharmadam.
  • Auto rickshaws and taxis can be hired either from Kannur or Thalasseri.

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