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Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kannur

Kannur – the northern district of Kerala is extremely scenic, and hence this district holds a bunch of tourist attractions. Kannur is also known as the land of handlooms. It has the finest weavers in Kerala, weaving traditional outfits for both the domestic as well as exotic market. Thus it is described as the land of looms and lore. Even local markets are filled with the best quality looms.

Places to Visit in Kannur

“It is said that the great travelers of the ancient times – Fa-Hien and Ibn Batuta have visited here during their journeys.”   Kannur is well known for the traditional arts and culture. The traditional art forms comprise of dance forms like Godaveri (Godamuri), Vedan Pattu, Marathukali, Poorakkali, Vadakken Pattukal and the exceptional martial art – Kalaripayattu. The real colours of a traditional life in Kerala can be found here in Kannur. However, among the traditional art forms mentioned above, Theyyam remains as the main point of attraction. Now a days, it attracts the attention of foreign travelers. Kannur is known as the cradle of Theyyam. A wide variety of Theyyam is known to have performed here in Kannur.   Considering the geographical factor, Kannur shares one of its borders with the lush green Wayanad district. This ensures the presence of the Western Ghats in the borders of Kannur district, which consists of hills, dense forest and rich wildlife. The other side of Kannur district is the coastal area bordered by the Arabian Sea. This ensures the presence of long stretches of beach along the western side.   Kannur district is also known for the Backwaters and backwater tourism. It is rich with lagoons, rivers and other water bodies offering inland navigation. Thus the beaches, tranquil backwaters, calm resorts and the enchanting hill station – together makes Kannur, a splendid destination. Thalasseri, Mahe and payyannur are the main towns.    



Kannur for is a magnificent location for the visitors.There is a lot of great places to visit in kannur . The fort remains as the reminiscent of the Arakkal kingdom, which ruled the place for centuries. Arakkal museum is located across the Kannur fort. The museum is set up in the Durbar hall of Arakkal palace. Mappila bay, the Harbour etc. is the other attraction here. They offer boat rides.

 Aaralam wildlife Sanctuary:


As I already mentioned in the beginning, Kannur shares one of its boundaries with Wayanad district and resulted in this district to have some portion of the Western Ghats. Aralam wildlife sanctuary and Pythal mala are the high range attractions of Kannur. Both these places are located about 60-70 Kilometers from Kannur town.




Parasinikkadavu village gains its attraction with the temple of Parasinikkadavu – Muthappan Madappura. It is quiet famous that devotees from all over Kerala visit here, regardless of the caste or creed  “The temple, the deity and the rituals are unconventional, peculiar and quite interesting.” Located on the banks of the Valapattanam river, it offers a beautiful view of the river. One can avail boating in the river too. Vismaya Water theme park is located in the close vicinity of the Parasinikkadavu temple. It provides adventure rides to everyone, regardless of the age group. Parasinikkadavu is also known for the snake park too. It houses around 150 different varieties of snake. The main attraction among them all is the King cobra species. Apart from King cobras, viper species also attracts audience.




Payyambalam beach is one of the most popular beaches in Kerala. It is well-known for its mild waves, which is quite different from other beaches in Kerala. The beach and its premises are generally kept clean. This makes the beach more eco friendly. The beach is at the close vicinity to the Kannur town, located just about 2 Kilometers away.  


Muzhappilangad beach is the only known drive-in beach to exist in India. Therefore, it grabbed a lot of attention from the domestic as well as foreign travelers visiting India. Recently, the fame of Muzhappilangad beach shoots up to the international levels with the BBC survey, ranking Muzhappilangad beach one among the top six drive-in beaches in the world. The striking significance of this splendid drive-in beach lies with the fact that it is the only beach from Asia to get qualified for the survey.

“Not far from the southern end of the driving beach is a small island, lush and pretty. It is Dharmadam Island, a tourism spot by its own right.”


Dharmadam Island:

Dharmadam Island is a pristine scenic island located in the Kannur district of Kerala. The presence of wild bushes and coconut palms makes it a lush green island. It is a perfect secluded getaway spot. (Read more?) The Dharmadam Island is a small island spreading at an area of 5 acres of land. It is located near to Thalasseri and is just 100 meters away from Dharmadam mainland. This makes it possible for the visitors to walk to the island from the mainland during low tide. Since the ocean recedes during a low-tide time, water will remain only up to the knee-level.

“What makes Kannur coastal belt so irresistible to travelers is an array of beaches, all a few kms from one another. Secluded, pristine and stunning they are great for a few days of de-stressing.”



The long stretches of sandy beach, the lush green villages, the splendid sea, the magnificently green island and the black rocks playing hide n seek on the waves form the iconic landmarks of Dharmadam. It is said that Buddhist monks from North India frequently used to visit here once. Dharmadam is located on the ancient travel map in such an aesthetic way, so that it is also known to be visited by Jews, Arabs, British and Portuguese apart from the north Indian monks. Dharmadam is situated between Thalasery and Kannur Town. This adds to its accessibility. Dharmadam is an ideal getaway spot. You can board private buses from the Kannur and Thalassery town to reach Dharmadam. Dharmadam have a railway station too. Dharmadam is considered as a place for romance (read more) and hence it is an ideal honeymoon destination.

The main attractions of Dharmadam are the Dharmadam Island and the Andalur kaavu.


  Andalur Kaavu:

Andalur kaavu, as I mentioned in a previous blog, is one of the main attractions of Kannur. It is situated in Dharmadam. It is a famous, old temple in the name of lord Rama. It is believed that the temple is built by the legend Parasurama. Since lord Rama is the main deity here, based on the epic Ramayana; Kaliyattam is performed here, every year. The main attraction of the Andalur is this annual performance of Theyyam (Kaliyattam), which draws a lot of people, even from the nearby villages to the temple. It even has got international acclaim and draws more foreign tourists towards Andalur kavu. “The festival falls in the midst of February.”


Theyyam is an exceptional traditional ritual based on the epic Ramayana. Theyyam has also become a point of interest for the foreigners visiting India besides other traditional forms such as Kalaripayattu, Kathakali, yoga etc. The number of foreigners visiting Andalur kavu festival, during the midst of the month of February has increased recently. Now thousands flock into the village during this time. You can read more about Theyyam from one of our recent blogs here


  Chera Rocks:


One of the best beach resorts in India. Unlike other secluded beaches in India, it is easily accessible too! Chera Rocks located in Kannur; is the best secluded beach resort in Kerala. It is a long stretch of white sandy private beach with beach houses designed in a traditional way, catering to international standards. Chera Rocks is located majestically on the travel map, with its location near to Kannur International airport, making it easily accessible for the foreign tourists along with the native tourists. Let it be the roads, rails or the flight, Chera rocks remains well connected and it offers pick-up facility from nearby railway stations and airport! Chera rocks have achieved national and international acclaim from leading travel and tourism websites. Here are a few of its achievements:

  • It bagged awards from holiday for ‘Best Food’ and ‘Excellence of service’
  • Received ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from trip for the four consecutive years from 2011 -2014.
  • It also had featured articles on international travel magazines and blogs including Western Morning Talk, Outlook Traveller, Walk your talks etc.
  • It was even featured in a BBC documentary too.

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