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Why to have a secluded beach house destination for your holidays..?

India, as you all know; is surrounded by 3 major water bodies at the bottom. This provides a vast area of land as beaches around the country! This account for beach tourism and beach resorts around these areas. There are best resorts in India offering facilities and services up to the international standards. But the fact is that, these beaches and beach resorts will be crowded throughout the year with both domestic and international visitors. For those visitors, who wants to enjoy their holidays in their own private paradise with their companion, secluded beaches and beach resorts does the job. A secluded beach resort, unlike a normal beach resort – which will always be crowded throughout the year, offers a calm and quiet destination for your holidays, so that you can cherish yourself with the enchanting beauty of the beach with absolute peace of mind.



  • Would you be able to enjoy something completely, when everyone around you keeps an eye on you?


  • Would you be comfortable, if the Beach resort you visit for your peace of mind is having a lot of other visitors, who keeps shouting, applauding, laughing loudly, screaming etc?

Well, I guess the answer to be a big ‘NO’!

It is a common problem associated with a public tourist attraction! A lot of people flocks in to that place. The coastal tourist destination we chose, will be a destiny for others too and they enjoys it the way they wish to! Everyone have the right to enjoy a public coastal destination! Isn’t it? But the way one enjoys his destiny is not preferably supposed to affect, how others want to enjoy the same coastal tourist destination.

For those who are looking for a complete relaxation, this may seem to be disgusting or spoiling the mood.

If you choose a secluded beach resort, you will be enjoying the beach in your own private paradise with your companion.

You can have:

  • a bath in the beach,
  • have sun bath,
  • enjoy the rains,
  • play around or can have some fun hanging around the beach,

With no one else littering around here and there.

The splendid mornings and the spectacular sunsets can be enjoyed, in your own private beach house.

If you are someone, who wants a break from the daily rush; a secluded beach destination is an ideal place for you. It helps you to vanish yourself from the day –to- day rushes and hectic workloads and enjoy how your soul blends in with the rhythm of nature.


As I mentioned in the beginning, India is having a vast area of land available in the coastal areas as beaches. Only a small part of this available area is being occupied as public beach destination, which remains crowded throughout the year. There are many beaches in India, which remain secluded from the eyes of public! Either the geographical features, such as rocks, cliffs, forest etc keeps them secluded or does the lack of public awareness. Many of the secluded beaches are thus inaccessible to the public! For example, some secluded beaches in Goa require hiring a speed boat or a ferryman to visit them.

Let’s have a look at one of the best beach resorts in India. Unlike other secluded beaches in India, it is easily accessible too! Chera rocks, located in Kannur, is the best secluded beach resort in Kerala. It is a long stretch of white sandy private beach with beach houses designed in a traditional way, catering to international standards. Chera rocks is located majestically on the travel map, with its location near to Kannur International airport, making it easily accessible for the foreign tourists along with the native tourists. Let it be the roads, rails or the flight, Chera rocks remains well connected and it offers pick-up facility from nearby railway stations and airport!

kerala tourist places

View from Chera rocks secluded beach house, kannur Kerala


At Chera rocks, what you find is the virgin nature expelled from the modern world and remaining untouched by urbanization. The sea, the white sands, the blue skies, the nature, the sand bars, the rocks, the occasional migratory birds, the view of lush coconut groves at the shores – they all helps you to listen to the sounds of nature and to your inner soul and helps you feel how they both blends together!

This makes Chera rocks, the best secluded beach resort experience in India

Chera rocks have achieved national and international acclaim from leading travel and tourism websites. Here are a few of its achievements:

  • It bagged awards from holiday for ‘Best Food’ and ‘Excellence of service’
  • Received ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from trip for the four consecutive years from 2011 -2014.
  • It also had featured articles on international travel magazines and blogs including Western Morning TalkOutlook TravellerWalk your talks etc.
  • It was even featured in a BBC documentary too.


While you visit Chera rocks, you are provided with provisions like:

  •  Candle light dinner at the seashore,
  • Reading newspapers or magazines at the shore, enjoying the sun; meanwhile the sea sweeps your feet.
  • Sea-facing bed rooms – the spectacular view of sunset right from your bed!
  • Party / Banquet facility.
  • Sea facing open dining


A friendly and homely atmosphere, that’s what Chera rocks, has to offer in terms of hospitality. That’s why it is considered as one of the best resorts in India by trip and holiday Guests are also provided with a provision for a long list of traditional foods to prepare for, alongside booking rooms for their visit. This allows them to explore the spicy traditional Kerala foods. Since Kerala is well known for the spices, this allows the visitors to get more familiar with the traditional foods. This is the main reason why Holiday awarded Chera rocks, making it one among the best resorts in India in terms of food served.

A journey will remain incomplete, if we don’t explore the local foods. isn’t it?

Traditional Kerala lunch, which consists of rice served along with a number of delicious traditional vegetable curries served in banana leaves, is an iconic food. Fresh Sea foods are always available. Since the sea is in the close vicinity, fishes and lobsters are always available from the fishermen. The fresh taste of the sea foods made from just-caught fishes and lobsters will surely trickle your taste buds. Having these delicacies for the candle light dinner with your beloved ones will surely remain as an ever-memorable experience.

Enjoy  the ultimate holiday experience in  Chera rocks.. Book Now >>


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