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Why you must have your Honey moon in best honeymoon destinations in India..!

Why not India?

Being the seventh largest country in the world; having tourist destinations ranging from Kashmir – the heaven on earth (from the top) to Kanyakumari (to the bottom); India is a spectacularly scenic country.

The tradition, culture, remains of the ancient dynasty, the palaces, museums, etc. all becomes a tourist attraction here. Many of the ancient palaces have been converted into super-luxury hotels too.


Apart from all these, the topography of India comprising of mountains–the Himalayas, deserts – the Thar, beaches – the coastal area covering 3 sides of the country, salt flats – the Great ran of Kutch, forests – the Western Ghats, hill stations – Tawang, Darjeeling Simla etc,  islands – the Lakshadweep and the Andaman and Nicobar islands etc.

The tropical climate, presence of monsoon, location on the geographical co ordinates etc. makes it the ideal climatic area. All these factors make India simply magnetic for the travelers.

 Best honeymoon destinations in India

Honeymoon in India!

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, best honeymoon destinations in India can be found from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Kashmir – also known as the heaven on earth is one of the best honeymoon destinations in India. The cool climatic conditions, the shikhara boats on Dal Lake, mystic gardens with flowers of different colors, the occasional snow, the hills, the valleys; altogether makes the valley of peace, the best place for honeymoon in India.


Among hill stations, Darjeeling, Simla and Manali are considered as the top honeymoon destinations in India. In fact, they are among India’s best honeymoon destinations in the hill stations, offering breath taking view of mountains and incredible landscapes. The presence of hotels with the best honey moon packages in India makes these places the best place for honeymoon in India.

The Thar Desert falls in the Rajasthan district of India. It also extends to other neighboring states including Haryana and Punjab. It also connects the Rann of Kutch in Gujarath – the salt flat of India. Both together forms the desert area of India, meanwhile the latter is a white desert. Both the Rajasthan and Gujarath states of India are known for the presence of ancient palaces, temples and the historic remains apart from the desert area.

 Top honeymoon places in India

  • Kerala – the gods own country

The state of Kerala lies in the southern part of India. The topography, landmark, culture, tradition etc makes altogether a different feel here. Kerala is blessed with features of hilly area – with the presence of the Western Ghats on the one side and coastal area on the other side. This ensures the presence of forest and beaches throughout the state. The Western Ghats also comprises of very big mountains and cliffs. This constitutes the high range areas of the state. These mountains and hills of the Western Ghats helps in trapping the monsoon clouds from the Arabian Sea and results in the Monsoon season – a typical rainy season found in the state of Kerala. The monsoon season can be described as the most romantic season. This is considered as the ideal time for honeymoon tourism. This is why Kerala is one among the best honeymoon destinations in India. Here we have many hotels and resorts offering the best honeymoon packages in India. In between, we have inland water bodies in the form of lakes, lagoons and rivers. All are replenished by the monsoon rains and the occasional rains thereafter.


  • Chera rocks – a honeymoon destination that you can’t refuse!

A private space in the scenic backdrop; where both can open their heart, hear the inner voice devoid of noises, except for those of the nature – this is what Chera rocks has to offer. Celebrate your new found love in the pristine scenic location that reflects love! This secluded beach house destination in Kerala ensures that you spent quality time on honeymoon.

Honeymoon is the time when the newly-wed couple enjoys their unison. Therefore the location they choose to visit must be scenic as well as blissful. Whether arranged or not, every marriage now have a honeymoon trip. It’s been a common custom among newly-wed couples to go for a vacation.

It helps them to vanish from the rushes of the marriage function and the daily rushes. Since it is the time when the bond between the couples starts, honeymoon makes it stronger. They start exploring new places together with the one they’re awaiting for, exploring each other; what they like and what they don’t. This helps them build the love, affection, care and friendship and these values play a crucial factor in a life-long relationship.


  • What makes Chera rocks a Best place for honeymoon in India?

In my previous article, I’ve discussed about the advantages of having a secluded beach resort for your holidays. Chera Rocks, being the best beach resort in India; is a long stretch of white sandy private beach with beach houses designed in a traditional way, catering to international standards.

At Chera rocks, what you find is the virgin nature expelled from the modern world and remaining untouched by urbanization. The sea, the white sands, the blue skies, the nature, the sand bars, the rocks, the occasional migratory birds, the view of lush coconut groves at the shores – they all helps you to listen to the sounds of nature and to your inner soul and helps you feel how they both blends together – altogether a perfect place for you to make love with the one born for you!

With its location near to Kannur International airport, railway station and highway, Chera rocks remains well connected and it offers pick-up facility from nearby railway stations and airport!

The awards by leading travel portals like and also adds to the credits.

Chera rocks also provide provisions for candle light dinner. Having a candle light dinner at the early stages of honeymoon is a different feel. What about having a candle light dinner at the beach? I’m pretty sure, it’ll be something which can’t be explained! It will surely be remembered for a life time! A memory while will always remain reminiscent through the lifetime.

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