Best Resorts in Kerala – Chera rocks beach resort


abt_us_photoI had great passion for travel and nature.I have utilized all the chances to
travel,met lots of people of different culture,and seen amazing places. And it was always my dream to have a lonely planet of my own to keep me young and active in my retired life.And also to give tourists a chance to enjoy the beauty of my country.I had few friends with same idea and thus chera rocks was born.

Chera rocks is beautiful like a Da vinci picture,a Togore Poem,an amazing combination of  blue sky and a green silent zone. Chera rocks, the real lonely planet,a complete contrast from busy city life, has no sounds of modern world.I am sure,before you leave the place you will learn to identify different types of natures sounds and also to  enjoy the healing effects of these sounds.You will be amazed to find a lonely seashore with no sales person or masseur…..You and your gorgeous sea alone!
Many of our guests felt it as their home and people as very friendly. I ensure you   the same hospitality.
You might have prepared a list of Indian food  while booking the flight to India. Let me fulfill that and add some more lovely north kerala dishes.And give you a chance to learn about some of our dishes throgh our cookery classes.
Chera rocks is creative… we have many facilities and you can choose as per your interest….    We are commited to keep the essence of nature and have organic food as much as possible…. when you walk around chera rocks what will you see? The simple people, simple life, temples…

You may be surprised to see the easy  accessibility to road, railway and  international airports while chera rocks remains as a lonely planet…..Thats the way God has created it….Come and celebrate your  holidays and make it unforgetable.