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MAPPILA BAY in kannur

The Mappilabay is a natural harbor. It is located near to the Kannur Fort. The high wall extending from the fort separates rough sea from the inland water. It is a natural fishing harbor and it offers magnificent boat rides. It forms one of the main attractions on the Kannur town along with the Kannur fort and the Arakkal palace. Due to its location on the close vicinity of those historic monuments, it draws a large number of tourists. Since it is located on the Kannur town, it becomes an easily accessible destination.

“Boating can be availed within the bay and it provides an ever memorable experience.”

With the Indo-Norwegian trade pact, the deteriorating fishing harbor of Mappila Bay is now flourishing back to the business. It is a fast growing regional fishing hub now.

Mappila bay played a crucial role in connecting Malabar to the foreign countries, by serving as a port in the past.



Nearby attractions:

The Kannur fort –

also known as the St. Angelo Fort; is a protected monument under the archaeological survey of India. The Fort is now a major point of attraction for the visitors. It offers scintillating view of the Mappila bay and the lush green Dharmadam Island.


Arakkal Palace:

Arakkal palace is strategically located just above the bay. It is also known as the Arakkal Kettu and is the residence of the Arakkal Ali Rajas, who ruled a city state including Kannur and Lakshadweep. It is now converted into a museum, known as the Arakkal Kettu Museum. Since Arakkal Ali Rajas is known to be the only Muslim royal family of Kerala, this museum displaying the artifacts and heirlooms belonging to this dynasty thus gains its relevance.

Mappila Bay played a key role during the time of Arakkal dynasty, as they had good relations with the European Colonial powers. The maritime activities of the Arakkal dynasty are well renowned, as they ruled the coastal areas of Malabar and the Lakshadweep Islands. They even had monopoly over spice trade.



How to reach:

The bay is located just 3 kilometers away from the Kannur town, at Ayikkara. This makes it an easily accessible tourist destination. The close proximity to the Arakkal museum and the Kannur fort adds to the presence of tourists.

Nearest town: Kannur Town – 3 Kms away

Bus Station: Kannur Bus Station

Railway Station: Kannur Railway Station

Air port: Calicut International Airport – 94 Kms away.

Ideal time for visit: September to May is considered as the ideal time for visit. The seas may be rough during the monsoon i.e. from June – August. Therefore it will not be ideal for boating.

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