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Madayippara Hill station Kannur

Madayippara, located at Pazhayangadi in Kannur is a spectacularly scenic spot. It is in fact a place where bio diversity meets historic relevance.

The historical relevance of Madayipara dates back to the time of Ezhimala kings, where Madayipara served as the administrative centre. The remnants of this royal era can be found around Madayipara.

The remains of the fort, known as Pazhi kotta can be found near the southern side of the hill. The watch towers on the four corners of the fort can be found even today.

It is said that Madayipara served as the site for the coronation ceremony of the ezhimala kings.


“It is now an upcoming tourist destination. Even though this place is quiet familiar with the local crowd, it lacks a public awareness and thus it lacks international acclaim.”


Apart from being a bio-diversity spot with historic relevance, Madayipara also serves as an important place from the religious point of view.

The ancient pond in the shape of a handheld mirror is known to be of the Jewish settlers.

The shiva temple located at Madayipara – called Vadukunda Temple along with the adjoining lake forms another attraction at Madayipara.

It is said that the lake will not go dry even in hard summer.

Thus it serves as a water source for the replenishment of life forms at Madayipara.

Also, the Madayi kavu pooram – the festival of Madayi Kavu temple is also held at Madayipara.




“It is a place, you must visit especially if you are the one who would like to walk around and explore things on your own.”


When it comes to bio diversity, around 300 varieties of flowering plants, 30 different varieties of grass etc can be found in Madayipara.

Madayipara is also known to contain several species of insectivorous plants. It is also said that Madayipara is famous in nearby as well as far off places as it is known to contain several rare medicinal herbs.

Madayipara is also known for the presence of over 100 species of butterflies. The Atlas butterfly, one among the largest butterflies in the world is a frequent visitor to Madayipara.

It is also known to contain over 150 species of birds.


Now Government and other agencies are working on retaining Madayippara. Madayippara protection council has been formed by local peoples and they are working hard to protect this heavenly meadow in all its glory.

State Government also plays crucial role by planning Cultural village project to maintain Madayippara intact and restore it to the physical and historical glory, mean time engaging tourists with its natural charm.


How to reach:

Nearest Railway station: Pazhayangadi, about 2 Kms away

Nearest Town: Kannur, about 25 Kms away

Nearest Airport: Calicut International Airport, about 140 Kms away

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