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theyyam kannur

Kannur Theyyam Dance

{Dance of Kannur}

The art form of north kerala,Kannur Theyyam Dance

Theyyam is Originated from “Kaliyattam” practiced by Hindu Tribal Community in North Kerala. It’s a Popular Ritual Form of Worship in North Malabar, Kerala. Kannur Theyyam Dance is considered as GOD & Individuals or the Crowed gathered Seeks Blessings from Theyyam.

Theyyam is generally performed in a Village at Temple premises during Festivals & also performed in the House as Ancestors’ Worship. The Performance is a Combination of Vocal Recitations, Dance along with Musical Instruments.

Approximately there are around 400 TYPES of Theyyam, Amongst the Types of Theyyam Their Costumes’ are Worth watching. This Art is performed only by Male Gender. The Main Streamof practices in this Art includes; Spirit worship, Ancestor worship, Hero worship, Worship for the Goddesses of the Disease, Serpent worship, Animal worship, Tree worship.

 Travelers’ Interest On Theyyam

Travelers  interest will be with regards to the Artists’ Colorful Costumes with the Properties Artist use while Performing, Elegant Facial Art, Ornaments,  The Music from Drums’. Artist himself along with Assistance who is a Specialist in Facial Art gets set for the performance.

kannur theyyam

Theyyam Facial Art

Click here to see the video of Theyyam from

In Facial art of Theyyam only Natural Ingredients are used. Every Artist part of Theyyam should be a ALL ROUNDER, starting form Music on Drums, Facial Make up, Dressing, Head Dressing,

Arranging the Ornament, Chanting, Singing, Dancing Steps, etc. Most of the Artist will be part of every Theyyam activity since their Childhood Days as to be Well-Versed before their turn of performance.

Theyyam festival kannur

Theyyam Facial Art

Theyyam Season

Post Monsoon in Kerala, during the festive season starting from the Month of December till April, we get to see different types of Theyyam at each locality in North Malbar, Kerala. There are certain Dates fixed for festival.

Theyyam Fire Dance

Theyyam Fire Dance

Special Theyyams’

 A place named by PAYYANUR, which is 2 Hours Distanced from Chera Rocks Beach House, Theyyam is held in the month of February {Dates; 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th} it’s a 4 days festival wherein all the 4 days we have Theyyam held at temple premises.

 January 1st 7:00am to  2nd January 12:00pm {One can watch the following Types of  Theyyams – Gulikan, Valoth Bagavathie, Muthappan, Thiruvappan etc} almost 16 km from Chera Rocks Beach House.

Theyyam Dance Kannur

Theyyam Dance Kannur

Regular Theyyam

 Parasini Kadavu Temple {Theyyam will be in the Morning – Every Day} almost 25kms from Chera Rocks Beach House.

 Vaamell Temple near Thalassery {Around 14kms from Chera Rocks Beach House} we have Theyyam every day expect Fridays which start by 12 Noon.

Any individual from any Part of the World can watch Theyyam. There are NO religious barriers. Any guidance further required on Theyyam, Kindly feel free to touch base with Chera Rocks Management. {}

Theyyam Artist Performing

Theyyam Artist Performing

Theyyam @ Other Villages’

Please contact Chera Rocks Beach House Management for Special Local Theyyams around the village. We will be Glad to arrange Transportation, Guide, & Accommodation.

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