Best Resorts in Kerala – Chera rocks beach resort


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Thalassery Biriyanie

Thalassery is known for its biriyani. The name Thalassery biriyani originates from Thalassery, a town in the Malabar region of North Kerala. The word biriyani is derived from the persian word biryani which means fried or roasted”. Biriyani was believed to have been invented in the kitchens of the Mughal


The glory of Thalassery is linked to three “c” – Cricket, Circus, and Cake. Although the splendour of the first two has dwindled, the sweetness of cake still lingers. It was in November 1880 that “Mambally Bapu” made the first cake in India at Thalassery in his “Mambally Royal Biscuit

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Water sports Kannur

Water sports Kannur It was a calm February morning, the green and yellow kayak which could seat two people was ready and waiting for me on the Kizhunna Ezhara beach on the Arabian sea which covers the entire coast of Kerala and well known for its unexpected swells and generally


Pythalmala Hill Station Kannur

Pythalmala is a hill station located in the Kannur district of Kerala. It gains its importance as the only well-known Hill station in Kannur. Since Kannur District is more known for its scenic beaches and tranquil backwaters; which attracts more tourists, the hilly areas of Kannur fails to draw much


Muzhappilangad Beach Kannur

Muzhappilangad is the only drive in beach in Kerala, South India. As I have already mentioned in one of my previous posts; India, as you all know; is surrounded by 3 major water bodies at the bottom. This provides a vast area of land as beaches around the country! Yet

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Why to have a secluded beach house destination for your holidays..?

India, as you all know; is surrounded by 3 major water bodies at the bottom. This provides a vast area of land as beaches around the country! This account for beach tourism and beach resorts around these areas. There are best resorts in India offering facilities and services up to the international standards. But the fact

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Kannur Theyyam Dance

{Dance of Kannur} The art form of north kerala,Kannur Theyyam Dance Theyyam is Originated from “Kaliyattam” practiced by Hindu Tribal Community in North Kerala. It’s a Popular Ritual Form of Worship in North Malabar, Kerala. Kannur Theyyam Dance is considered as GOD & Individuals or the Crowed gathered Seeks Blessings from Theyyam.

10 beautiful virgin beach places to visit in kerala

10 beautiful beach places to visit in kerala   Discover the best beach places to visit in kerala . Find out more details and pack your bag. Beypore in Kozhikode   Beypore is located in Kozhikode at the mouth of the Chaliyar River. Historically, it has a special place as

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beach resorts in kerala-Chera Beach House

Best  beach resorts in kerala, approved by trip advisor for consicutive 5 years- Chera Rocks Beach House join the spirit of celebration and make your time in India a memorable one with chera rocks beach house. Chera Rock Beach House, One of the best beach resorts in Kerala,  is a

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A beautiful quiet countryside beach house at Kannur, Kerala

Kerala is a land of beautiful beaches and Chera rocks is virgin territory on the beach side surrounded with green coconut palms that adds charm to this lonely secluded beach.. . This secluded Beach House with a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea is a salubrious environment to relax and rejuvenate your