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Kottiyoor temple is situated in the Kottiyoor village, East Kannur almost 65 Kilometers from Kannur Town. Since it is on the eastern side of Kannur, it falls under the Western Ghats region of Kannur. The huge hills and resulting valleys and dense forests – iconic landmarks of the Western Ghats



Aralam wildlife sanctuary is located in the Kannur district. To be more specific, on the Western Ghats region of the Kannur district. It is formed in the year 1984 when the Forest department of Kerala took over privately owned forests around the region. It spreads in an area of over


Trekking to Meenmutti falls from Aralam

Meenmutti falls forms the heart of the Aralam. The trekking to Meenmutti forms the most exciting part of the Aralam trip. The four hours long trekking offers the exotic beauty of the rain forests with the presence of a variety of endemic species of birds and butterflies along with the


Madayippara Hill station Kannur

Madayippara, located at Pazhayangadi in Kannur is a spectacularly scenic spot. It is in fact a place where bio diversity meets historic relevance. The historical relevance of Madayipara dates back to the time of Ezhimala kings, where Madayipara served as the administrative centre. The remnants of this royal era can

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MAPPILA BAY in kannur

The Mappilabay is a natural harbor. It is located near to the Kannur Fort. The high wall extending from the fort separates rough sea from the inland water. It is a natural fishing harbor and it offers magnificent boat rides. It forms one of the main attractions on the Kannur


Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kannur

Kannur – the northern district of Kerala is extremely scenic, and hence this district holds a bunch of tourist attractions. Kannur is also known as the land of handlooms. It has the finest weavers in Kerala, weaving traditional outfits for both the domestic as well as exotic market. Thus it


DHARMADAM ISLAND – the pristine neighborhood!

Dharmadam Island is a pristine scenic island located in the Kannur district of Kerala. The presence of wild bushes and coconut palms makes it a lush green island. It is a perfect secluded getaway spot. The Dharmadam island is a small island spreading at an area of 5 acres of


Why you must have your Honey moon in best honeymoon destinations in India..!

Why not India? Being the seventh largest country in the world; having tourist destinations ranging from Kashmir – the heaven on earth (from the top) to Kanyakumari (to the bottom); India is a spectacularly scenic country. The tradition, culture, remains of the ancient dynasty, the palaces, museums, etc. all becomes

Martial arts kannur

kalari payattu Martial arts kannur

kalaripayattu martial arts and treatment Martial arts kannur Kalari is the Oldest existing martial arts in the WORLD and it is belived to be mother of all martial arts.. Kalari is Traced to be 3000 Years  Kalari was Documented during the 13th & 14th Century AD. Kalaripayattu is derived from