Best Resorts in Kerala – Chera rocks beach resort


Best place to stay in Kannur

Start your day at Chera Rocks beach house with a delicious Kerala breakfast
overlooking the Kizhunna beach and enjoy the subtle charm of the tropical white
sand beach and listen to the music of the sea under the cool green coconut groves.
our beach house dining is unique, we are close to the local Mussel plucking village
so that we get our seafood before anyone else and that too fresh from the sea. We
have our own fishermen from whom we get fresh seafood so we do not use deep

Kerala is known as the land of spices and is quite known for its healthy and spicy
food. Most of the spices and organic vegetables are cultivated in our own
backyard. Kerala cuisine is a combination of vegetables,tapioca’s, seafood
and cereals with a variety of spices that will rekindle your taste buds.
At Chera Rocks beach house you get fresh sea food which is the staple diet of
coastal Kerala.
Our menu is short but well, and we do have a gastronomic culture that caters
to the taste of foreign visitors and Indians. We get, sea food like lobster,
crabs, mussels, squids and we prepare them with smoked cooking and
barbecue upon seasonal availability. The evening candle lit dinner at Chera
Rocks beach house is a real opportunity for nature lovers and connoisseur’s
to relax in the lap of nature and sip the most delighting tropical wines that
quench your lust for tastes and to enjoy our delicacies, the culinary talents of
our chefs!

Best place to stay in Kannur

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